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Display Energy Certificates (DEC)

Display Energy Certificates are applicable to all public owned or accessed buildings over 1,000 sq m and are required to be updated annually. The DEC must be clearly displayed at all times and clearly visible to the public. Every DEC produced by The Navitas Partnership displays the Asset Rating; the actual energy usage, and an Operational Rating; a numeric indicator of the amount of energy consumed during the occupation of the building over a specific period of time.

A DEC will always be accompanied by an advisory report, identifying cost effective measures to improve energy performance and usage. The report is valid for seven years and although it is not currently mandatory to comply with the recommendation made in the advisory report, we anticipate that as with all energy assessments, the recommendations will need to be acted upon in the near future.

To comply with legislation and assist the process, property managers need to have annual energy meter readings available and are advised by government communication to start collecting this information.

In summary, the following points indicate if your premises require a DEC:

If you answered yes to these questions contact us for further information on the completion of Display Energy Certificates.

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