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Social Housing

The Navitas Partnership have completed over 4000 residential EPCs to date. We are currently the most experienced company in this field in the south west region, initiated by the completion of the region’s first government pilot scheme with Bristol Community Housing Foundation. To see further details on this project click here.

From experience, it is crucial that every housing association recognises the following critical points before instigating the completion of EPC projects

The Navitas Partnership team is on hand to answer all your questions to ensure a seamless implementation of EPC legislation within your housing stock.

What is cloning?

This is a unique opportunity for the social housing sector. Cloning incorporates the cost of the EPCs into stock surveys, enabling social housing providers to produce an EPC for one type of property, instead of every single property for that type. Essentially it is a controlled EPC replication process based on the similarities of your properties.

From our experience cloned surveys can reduce the amount of surveys required and your costs by 40% to 60% depending on your properties.

Please note that cloning can only be carried by registered suppliers with the ability to sample property accurately within the social housing sector.

Contact us for further details on how our social housing specialists can assist and advise on this process.

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